I'm a producer that understands brand stories beyond the monolithic messaging model. With novel content distribution pipelines emerging every day, connection points diversify and brand messages evolve in richer more dynamic stories. The question of how to maintain audiences engaged in this landscape arises. The :30 second spot is not enough. And as important as connecting with consumers in their daily media migrations is, it is to track their interactions with our content. This is where my interest lies; in planning, creating, producing, deploying, tracking, analyzing and optimizing trans-media brand stories. Stories that connect with people through multiple screens, and in-real-world experiences. 


Client: Keds

Photographer: Autumn De Wilde


Client: Ted 

Photographer: Danielle Levitt

Illustrators: Justin Gabbard & Andre Da Loba



Client: N/A

Photographer: Mark Mann

Client: Tecate

Photographer: Peter Schafrick (Product), Giovanni Cervantes (Boxing)

Client: Agency Heart

Photographer: Mark Mann


Client: JBL

Illustrator: Serge Seidlitz


These are samples from a personal project I had with my friends @ Viva Radio. I created 50 X 1HR podcasts forthem which aired biweekly (every other Wednesday 1p) Mixes take 1 to 2 minutes to load, please enjoy.