I’m a producer, and I love what I do. Hopefully you do too. If you do, let’s work together. Check out my work, and let me know if you would like to talk. I like talking, but mostly, I like producing good work.
I’m currently an EP at Heat NY.


Client: Keds

Photographer: Autumn De Wilde


Client: Ted 

Photographer: Danielle Levitt

Illustrators: Justin Gabbard & Andre Da Loba



Client: N/A

Photographer: Mark Mann

Client: Tecate

Photographer: Peter Schafrick (Product), Giovanni Cervantes (Boxing)

Client: Agency Heart

Photographer: Mark Mann


Client: JBL

Illustrator: Serge Seidlitz


These are samples from a personal project I had with my friends @ Viva Radio. I created 50 X 1HR podcasts forthem which aired biweekly (every other Wednesday 1p) Mixes take 1 to 2 minutes to load, please enjoy.